"This Silly Little Boy,"  SOLD to a member of the "Queen Milli of Galt" cast.

Commissioned Work

 Mark Rothko

Feel free to look through the images I captured as I worked on "Angel in Gold."  I haven't done a lot of figure work, and it was a delicious challenge for me.  I am a believer in "let paint be paint."  This was my approach with this painting.


This painting is from the fall of 2011 when I worked on Rosebud Theatre's show, "Queen Milli of Galt."  The Prince of England planted a rosebush for the woman he had fallen in love with, calling himself a "Silly little boy."  I was deeply moved by the experience of this play and how it created this family of a cast; brought together by a love of story telling.


Here is an insight into the process of my work.  I arrived at the first image knowing that it was only semi-complete, but before moving on I contacted the commissioner for their input.  The second image is the result.

I rely as much on requested metaphor and "feelings" as I do literal colors and forms.

This piece is called "Your Whole Heart."


I spent half an hour in front of this image at the Met in New York; most of it sobbing quietly as the observing masses swirled around me.  How could a man who lived over 4 decades ago in a different country capture my soul so utterly?

Rothko's religious approach to his work, the sanctity of his paintings and his consuming passion all inspire me in my own work.
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